Unitrans Supply Chain Solutions applied sustainable thinking across all aspects of developing the Total SA supply chain solution, including the following:
• Optimised vehicle routing and scheduling
• Centre of gravity simulations
• Warehouse management system
• Facility energy and waste optimization with the following:
– Energy saving lighting infrastructure
– Daylight harvesting to reduce overhead lighting use by implementing translucent roofing sheets to utilise the natural ambient light during the day

– Solar panels on the roof decrease the overall release of greenhouse gases
– Rainwater harvesting roof infrastructure stored in tanks, to be used in an emergency to feed the automatic fire sprinklers
– Greywater harvesting infrastructure stored in tanks, to be used to feed into the ablution requirements
– Waste in all forms are recycles and transported off site by a professional waste management partner
• The site has bund walls and an oil water separation system to stop a spill from entering the surrounding land