Terry Bantock

Chief Executive Officer: USCS

Gert Brits

Chief Executive Officer: UA

Francois Pieters

Chief Operating Officer: USCS

Rob Hayworth

Chief Operating Officer: UA

Chris van Zyl

Chief Financial Officer: USCS

Adriaan de Beer

Chief Financial Officer: UA

Ray Singh

Executive: Business Development and Marketing

Sipho Chonco

Executive: Transformation and Training

Gary Dunbar

Executive: Warehousing and Freight

Andile Luke

Executive: Human Resources

Benjamin Jamie

Financial Director

Bruce Polkinghorn

Executive: Petroleum

Annerien Nel

Executive: Legal

Martin Loubser

Executive: Chemicals (Lucerne Transport)

Noddy Ramroop

Executive: Business Development (UA)

Bruce Fraser

Executive: Technical (UA)

Carl Malherbe

Executive: Foods

Rufus Smith

Executive: Information Technology