Fear, financial stress, angst and loss can take its toll on you during the seemingly endless crisis. Being separated from family and friends through practicing Social-distancing and self-isolation can contribute to one becoming anxious or depressed. In other instances stress and quarantine may create the grounds for tensions to rise and different types of abuse coming to light.

Taking care of your Mental Health during a time of crisis is of utmost importance for yourself and those around you.

Here are seven ways to help you and your family during this trying time.

  1. Try and maintain a healthy routine during this time. Sticking to your daily routine as much as possible could help normalize your day. Wake up and go to bed at your normal times, keep to your regular meal schedule, etc.

  2. It’s important to keep updated with the news, but try to limit the news intake as much as possible. Check the news once a day for any important updates.

  3. Stay connected to people in your life. Video chat with your friends and family, call and talk to people you hold dear to you.

  4. Tackle your to-do list. Finally you have some time to clean out the garage or clean the yard, fix the broken light fitting or perhaps it’s time to get back to reading some books and enjoy some quiet time.

  5. Meditate. There are several free online courses that will help you meditate and keep you stress and anxiety levels down...

  6. Exercise is an important way of fighting anxiety or depression during this time. Keep busy but also remember to maintain the social-distancing rule while doing so.

  7. Remember to do your part in reducing the spread of the virus by continuing to practice good hygiene and social-distancing. Take pride in knowing that you are positively contributing to fighting the virus.


Below are contact numbers that may assist you in getting the help you may need:



  • KAP Retirement Fund Members (Sanlam Group Risk) Telephonic Counselling

    • Emergency Numbers - 0860 732 548/9

    • Burial repatriation & funeral support - 0860 004 080


  • Unitrans Provident Fund Members (Momentum/Healti Choices) Telephonic Counselling


Health Assistance

  • Discovery Health Members Call Centre: Discovery Health Telephone: 0860 99 88 77

  • Health4Me  Members Telephone: 0860 10 29 03

  • Wellness Fund Members through Affinity Health  on  0861 00 11 31 


  • South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG): .SMS 31393 or 32312 and a counsellor will call you back – available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

  • 24/7 HOTLINE - call 0800 21 22 23, 0800 70 80 90 or 0800 456 789 or the Suicide Helpline 0800 567 567.

  • Chat online with a counsellor 7 days a week from 9am – 4pm via the Cipla Whatsapp Chat Line 076 882 2775.

  • The Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Command Centre of South Africa has been opened up to deal with all abuse cases. Kindly dial 0800 150 150 if you or someone you know may be in danger.


COVID-19 Health Helpline

Discovery and Vodacom have partnered to deliver a simple but powerful online healthcare platform for the benefit of ALL South Africans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To do this, we have made our existing DrConnect platform available to all (previously available only to Discovery clients). This virtual platform provides easy access for all South Africans to a COVID-19 risk tool, to help them understand their personal risk for COVID-19. It also provides access to healthcare professional consultations to allow for referrals for testing or hospital admission. This reduces overcrowding at clinics and doctors’ rooms where there is greater risk of the virus spreading, thus protecting both citizens and healthcare professionals from exposure to COVID-19. 

The Virtual Platform works as follows:

  1. Go to: or

  2. Click on the COVID-19 online doctor consultation banner

  3. Follow the short registration process, if you are not a Discovery client already

  4. Answer the risk assessment questions about your symptoms

  5. If you are at high risk you will be directed to choose a doctor you know or a doctor in a dedicated COVID-19 Care Team who is available

  6. Choose an available doctor for immediate assistance or book a time that is available in your doctor’s calendar

  7. Look out for the reminder before your consultation

When you’ve consulted with your doctor:

  • If the doctor recommends testing, the completed pathology form will be sent by SMS or email. The same process will apply to scripts for medicine.

  • Testing and collecting of medicine will be facilitated by the relevant essential healthcare service providers you need to visit.

  • Your doctor will receive test results electronically and can schedule follow-up appointments to discuss results and the next steps.

How are COVID-19 Online Doctor Consultations covered?

  • All South Africans will have access to online COVID-19-related consultations paid for by the COVID-19 Healthcare Fund, made available by Discovery and Vodacom.

  • For members of schemes administered by Discovery Health, these COVID-19 online consultations will be paid from their Scheme’s risk benefits where applicable. Where these benefits are not available, these COVID-19 online consultations will be covered by the COVID-19 Healthcare Fund.

  • If you choose to have an online consultation that is not related to suspected COVID-19 infection, you will need to pay the consultation fee to the doctor

Should you need any further assistance, please contact your Business Unit HR Team.