At USCS, we supply a wide range of services including bulk transportation of cement in pressurised vessels, mechanised and non-mechanised bag transportation, cement warehousing services, transport of aggregates and load and haul services in Limestone quarries.

All the major cement producers manufacture products that meet the basic national quality and market standard and therefore our aim is to offer a high quality of service.  Our commitment to our customers, colleagues and the environment is the result of our strong branding position in the market. It is for this reason that our Cement division has to ensure that safety, health and the environment, are a focus drive, requiring all its employees, partners, subcontractors and suppliers to meet the high levels of the standard we have set.


Our strategic focus is to move ahead and strive to continuously improve our operations, with an ongoing evaluation of the market to remain sustainable.



Stock management
Fine distribution
Quarry services
Bulk transport