Our Philosophy

Caring for our planet is everyone’s responsibility, and we promote environmental sustainability in every aspect of our business.
Our goal is to:

  • Reduce our impact on the environment, and
  • Bring value to our customers in a sustainable manner.

Our Internal Initiatives

The biggest contributor to Unitrans's carbon emissions is our trucks. Reducing the fuel consumption of our vehicles has and always will be one of our key focus areas.

We have also launched internal campaigns to inspire all of our employees to help us reduce our carbon footprint.

We’ve conducted energy audits at our biggest facilities and by making a few changes we were able to reduce Unitrans’s electricity consumption.

We’re also involved in a social enterprise project which aims to provide food security to some of the poorest communities in South Africa. We are currently helping to sponsor eight grassroots entrepreneurs who sell fresh organic produce to their local communities.

Our Green Supply Chain Solutions

We apply sustainable thinking across all aspects of developing a supply chain solution, including the following:

Optimised vehicle routing and scheduling

We’ve been optimising our customers’ vehicle numbers and fleet configurations since 1962. By optimally routing and scheduling vehicles, we reduce the number of kilometres travelled per ton distributed, which not only keeps costs to a minimum but is also good for the environment.

Design of green warehouses

We can design world-class sustainable warehouses by implementing the best suited green technologies for a specific site. Our main goal is always to reduce the consumption of energy, water and the waste produced by any facility. Our endeavours in this area have previously been recognised with two environmental awards.

Energy optimisation

The fuel consumption of our fleet is reduced through fuel efficient management systems, ensuring that the best suited technology is deployed based on the operating environment of the vehicle. We can conduct energy audits to establish where improvements can be made to reduce the electricity consumption of a supply chain operation.


Centre of gravity simulations

We can determine the optimal location for a customer’s new distribution centre. By using sophisticated software to establish the centre of gravity for an operation, and by positioning the warehouse in this location, we can save millions of Rands over the lifetime of the facility as well as significantly reducing its carbon footprint.

Waste optimisation

We help to prevent waste from going to landfills by creating wet waste and dry waste recycling solutions, resulting in a reduced number of trips travelled for waste removal as well as a reduction in landfill costs. These initiatives have helped many of our customers achieve significant reductions in costs and emissions.